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We work closely with our high profile clients to identify risk, and how best to serve their specific needs in keeping them safe.

Our staff will escort our VIP safely from their arrival until their departure. Our security can be a uniform assignment or plain clothed security officer trained to use discretion while being visible, always with the objective of ensuring the safety of our VIP throughout their visit.


We offer trained guards and we provide vehicle escorts; as well an experienced driver to chauffeur our VIP while doubling as their security. Protocols include: proper attire, door address, proper greetings, and deportment, all offered in either of Canada’s official languages.

El Expert provides VIP security for dignitaries from their arrival to departure. We will escort anyone who needs us.

  • Dignitaries
  • Performers
  • Politicians
  • Executives
  • Anyone high-profile

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Our guards are trained to be professional and respectful of our VIP and high-profile clients, while still adding a personal touch to make them feel both welcome and safe.