We will work closely with staff, event planners, emergency responders and workplace health and safety officers.

Special Events

We will work with your organization and look after overseeing all your security needs for special events Including:

Providing site visits and security risk assessments. Creating an event security plan identifying manpower options, role descriptions, deployment strategies, and budget proposals.

Facilitation of meetings involving the many agencies that may play a role in security rollout. Debrief session with written report submitted for future reference.

Client Services

We also provide support to individuals that need help with:

Expectations of a police investigation,

  • Support work to a client’s legal case ie: obtain statements, gather facts, investigate alibis
  • To be an advocate to someone and their family who has become a victim of crime, missing person, or involved in other matters which have drawn unwanted media attention
  • Youth mentoring, for young people who are getting into trouble at school, or with police
  • Provide recommendations on home or business security improvements


We offer the following crime prevention seminars. We can come directly to your business, office, and school.

  • Shoplifting, (How it happens and how to improve your prevention strategies)
  • Internal theft prevention & ethics in workplace (for anyone needing to protect inventory)
  • Safety for seniors or single persons -how to protect yourself from being a victim of crime
  • Youth and the law, (provided as a community service to non-profit youth groups)
  • Emergency Planning for your family or business


We provide security planning for special events, and crime prevention strategies. We offer services to both business and individual clients. We will look after all safety details, our turnkey approach will involve identifying risk and planning out strategies to ensure the most cost effective yet practical safety procedures are in place.

Who would benefit from our consulting services:

  • Businesses,
  • Municipalities,
  • Non-profit groups,
  • Educational facilities,
  • Major event planners,
  • Home owners,
  • Complainants or victims dealing with complicated police investigations,
    At risk youth

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